Get A Work Permit In As Little As 2 Weeks!


As you may have noticed already, there are many ways to live in Canada – one of which could be right for you!


Here, we will tell you all about the Global Talent Stream (GTS), the work permit with a processing time of 10 business days, its characteristics and requirements.


What is the Global Talent Stream?



The Global Talent Stream is a type of LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) and a part of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.


It aims to provide innovative companies in Canada to recruit the highest specialized and skilled global talent they need when Canadians or permanent residents are not available.


It focuses on workers in very specialized positions and those in the tech industry.


Canadian Employers benefit from this program as they are not as complex as many other employment programs to Canada, and the entire process is often processed by 30 business days.

This program works as a kind of agreement between the employer and the government of Canada.


In exchange for the authorization to hire foreign talent, the company is required to develop a Labour Market Benefits Plan,


which outlines the employer’s commitment to create lasting benefits for the Canadian labour market.


This employment program contributes to the Canadian economy growth by ensuring that businesses are able to have the skilled workforce they need.

About the applicant (that’s you) you will need a valid job offer for a high skilled position for one of the occupations listed as part of the Global Talent Stream.


There are two ways of moving to Canada with this program:


Move to Canada as a specialized worker:


With this Global Talent Stream process, the employer is part of an Association recognized by the Canadian Government to appoint companies eligible for the Global Talent Stream.


If the company that is interested in hiring you is part of one of these associations, you can apply to move to Canada with this program.


Live in Canada by working in the tech field:

global talent stream


To live in Canada as a tech worker via the Global Talent Stream program, your occupation must be listed on the Global Occupation List.


This list is made of professionals like computer and information systems manager, programmers, analysts, IT consultants, computer technicians, software engineers, web designers, among others.

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If you are ready to move to Canada within the next 1 – 2 months through the Global Talent Stream


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You can do everything all by yourself.

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