Top 3 Low Cost Business Ideas For Low Income Earners

Top 3 Low Cost Business Ideas For Low Income Earners


Opportunity For Low Income Earners To Make Extra Money

Low cost business ideas are entrepreneur ideas anyone (employed or unemployed) can start with small capital and grow eventually to a business that earns substantial monthly and yearly income.

Why are low investment business ideas the best option for most people?


Well, there are two key reasons why we recommend that you start with low cost entrepreneur ideas, even when you are not a low income earner.

Reason #1: Testing the waters with a low investment business idea enables you to be able to try a second time if you fail with your first business, especially if you have never been in business for yourself all your life.

Reason #2: Low cost business ideas means that the small business startup cost is low. This means that you will have funds left to advertise your business online (or offline) after you launch the business.


Yes, starting a business without budgeting a reasonable amount for small business online advertising is setting yourself up for failure.

You need to advertise online to get clients or customers. And you need a reasonable amount budgeted for that.

Consequently, low cost business ideas affords aspiring entrepreneurs an opportunity to start small and turn profit.


Top 3 Low Investment Business Ideas

The top 3 low investment business ideas are:

Zero (or low) startup cost affiliate marketing program
Low cost distributorship business and
Online teaching business

The rest of this page will discuss the low cost distribution businesses available to low income earners and unemployed people desirous of achieving financial freedom by venturing into entrepreneurship.


Low Cost Business Ideas: Distributorship For Small Scale Manufacturers

A distributor (or a manufacturer’s representative) is an entrepreneur who buys and warehouse goods produced by a manufacturer and then sell to wholesalers who then sell to retailers.

Distributor business opportunity is often a capital intensive business opportunity, especially if you’re planning on becoming a distributor for a national or multinational manufacturing company.


However, small scale manufacturers (or startup production companies) have a low entry requirement for their distributors.

Therefore, you can choose to start a small distributorship business in partnership with a small startup manufacturer that manufactures a great product that you love . . . a product that has potential to become a national or multinational product line.

Bottom line.

Distributor business opportunity with a small scale startup manufacturer is a great opportunity to venture into entrepreneurship while still in paid employment.

When you do this right, you give yourself an opportunity to have guaranteed retirement income and achieve financial independence even after retirement.


Top 10 Small Scale Manufacturers

Examples of small business startup producers include:

Small scale jewelry manufacturers
Small scale bakeries
Small scale beverage companies
Small scale fashion designers
Small scale t-shirt printing companies
Small scale portable water companies
Small scale furniture companies
Small scale paint production companies
Small scale metal building companies
Small scale cables manufacturing companies

. . . and countless other small scale manufacturing companies producing all kinds of products meant to meet all kinds of needs for their target market.

Think through the list above and draw up your own list of low cost business ideas.

Then analyze each business opportunity and the actual cost implications.

Next, find trustworthy small scale manufacturers that produce top quality products in your preferred category.

Thereafter, start discussions with them on how you can become one of their distributors.

The truth is . . . there is serious money to be made here.

Therefore, we recommend you thoroughly review this business opportunity to see if it matches your passion.


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