Avoidable Mistakes Business Owners Make

Avoidable Mistakes Business Owners Make

There’s something that pains me about so many business owners today.

They see a process working well — either their own, or someone else’s — and they think –

“Hey, I can probably get that to do a little bit better.”

And in their question for improvement, what do they do?

They break it.

Whether it’s an ad that was getting a great click-through that they wanted to nudge up 0.1% …

Or they had a webinar that was booking calls for $200, and they wanted to break the $150 mark …

Or they weren’t happy with their closing percentage, and so overhauled their sales script, which ended up completely tanking!

I guess my message here is, there’ll always be stuff you can improve in your business.

But focus on the BIG PICTURE needle-movers, not the crap that doesn’t matter.

If you’re not sure what that is, and need our help with it …

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