A Whole New Way To Become A Real Estate Millionaire Fast

A Whole New Way To Become A Real Estate Millionaire Fast

Do you know that the average Nigerian earns ₦120,000 a month.

By the time the government has removed the tax, it will remain about ₦1,300,000+

Now, think about this.

If you could sell a piece of real estate in 12 months that gives you an extra ₦1m a year, wouldn’t that be good?

I know that will be nice.

And the good thing is that selling one piece of real estate all year can be easily achieved.

How about if you sold 2 or 3 or 4 pieces of real estate with an average commission of ₦1m each?

We both know that will be amazing.

Well, we actually have students who are doing about 1-2 sales a month even during this Covid-19 period.

Here is the truth:

Selling real estate properties is a perfect side hustle especially during this recession times.

That is because real estate properties are high-priced offers and as an agent/realtor, the commission you get from selling them is

A student of mine sold a property of nine figures last month – That is ₦000,000,000

And got a 5% commission.

Think about that.

I don’t want to disclose the exact figure but the lowest 9 figure is ₦100,000,000

5% of that is ₦5million.

In a single deal.

Even if that is all he sold this year, he has made far more money than most well paid employees.

₦5 million is about ₦400,000 a month (after taxes)

And that is from one sale.

But don’t be deceived.

This doesn’t mean all the people who sell real estate make money.

Majority of them are as broke as church rats and that is because they don’t have a clue on how to market real estate properly.

That is why I labelled this side hustle as ” REAL ESTATE MARKETING “.

Would you like to add this as a side income?

If your answer is yes, then you should join us in the REAL ESTATE MILLIONAIRE CIRCLE.

In this program, my partner and I will be teaching you the simple process that we (and our few students) use to sell real estate.

And you can do this without knowing any big man or any politician or “baba isale” anywhere.

Yes! This Will Work For You No Matter Which Part Of Nigeria You Reside Or Which Type Of Property You Want To Start Selling…

Even if you have zero experience in real estate.

And it is also not a must that you must sign up.

But I will implore you to sign up if you want to start selling 2-10 real estate properties a month.

Click this link to register – https://www.wealth-ideas.com/real-estate/

Here is something to think about.

Real estate sales is not all week sales because it is a high priced investment for people.

That is why you also don’t need plenty time for this once you understand 2 things:

(1) How to find people with money (who can afford these properties)
(2) How to get them to buy

With that knowledge, even if all you sell in a year is a property that pays you ₦5m like my student, this training would have done its job.

Don’t miss out.

Here is the registration link again – https://www.wealth-ideas.com/real-estate/

To Higher Income,

Chris Anthony

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