1. Progressive Discount Offer

People would buy more if you tell them there is a price slash on bulk purchase. It really does not matter if the slash is $10 or $1. Give progressive discount offers and watch your sales “sky rocket.”

Tell them in clear terms: Buy three, get one free!, Buy four and get a 2% discount e.t.c.

If you sell an ebook for instance, tell them clearly, they buy your ebook, they get one other ebook as a bonus.

You’ll end up with more sales than you ever imagined!



2.Money Back Guarantee

Tell your prospective buyers they will get their money back if they are not totally satisfied with the product you sell and they will simply end up buying. Why? They feel safe. The truth is; if what you sell is really what you say it is; no one will ever ask for his money (okay, maybe a few would. A very few!), and you’ll make explosive sales.



3.Track Your Sales.

What ads brought the most sales? What did you do to get the most sales? This can only be learnt if you track your sales. You should know what ad brought what sales. Keep doing what you did to get the most sales. Improve on it. It will save you money and ultimately increase your sales.



4.Create a Sense of Urgency.

Make the prospective buyer feel the urge, the urgency to buy. This can be done by using action stimulating words and giving deadlines. Offer lasts till….., click now!, First 20 to respond gets free…… Use words like this and you will be amazed at how many responses you’ll get.

Some action stimulating words include: Send for free report now!, Order direct from, Order now!, Offer limited, Yours for the asking, Rush name for details, Money making facts, Details free, Send no money, All you need to do is click…….



5. Never Talk About You.

No buyer wants to know how the product affects you. They want to know what they’ll get from the product. They are totally selfish and so am I when I want to buy! While being honest, tell them what they will get.

Instead of saying your company produces the best shoes, tell them they deserve the best shoe and you have it just for them.

Tell them what they want to know truthfully and they will buy and keep buying.




You should never rush headlines. When creating headlines, spend time on it. Write down a list of headlines and let your friends and family help you choose the most captivating. Understand how people react to headlines. Once your headline doesn’t get them, forget about them.

Headlines should be captivating. It should draw attention, must not be outrageous. This turns people off. It must sound real and probably make them inquisitive.

Look at these sample.

1 Hour wealth!, Tasty Marketing Tips You Can’t Resist, Explode your sales in 72 hours.

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