5 Websites Where You Can Make Money Right Now

5 Websites Where You Can Make Money Right Now

A Quick Guide to Making More Money


5 Websites Where You Can Make Money Right Now

Making money as a freelancer or entrepreneur can be a challenge for even the most
experienced professionals. Sometimes a few simple changes to the way you think can
make you a lot more money and get you closer to living the lifestyle that you want. Here
are a few techniques for increasing your income.

1. Write Articles, E-books, and Press Releases and Sell Them

One skill that most people have (or can easily develop) is writing. To become a sought
after writer, you don’t have to be an English or journalism major. In fact, some of the
best writers did poorly in those subjects in school. Ultimately, it’s more about
persuasion and communication skills.

There are several websites where you can sell your writing. One of the most popular
ones is Constant Content (www.constant-content.com). They promote their site to
content buyers, so often, you can just post your articles on there and someone might
eventually buy it.

What’s nice about Constant Content is that (1) you don’t have to worry about finding
clients and (2) the prices are reasonable for US writers. On other freelance sites, you
have to compete with low priced offshore people who will write for as low as $1.00 per

On Constant Content, they set a minimum price to list your article for sale, which I
believe is $10 currently. Another thing they do to protect the quality of the writing is
they have editors that are very picky about grammar and writing style.

They are promoting their site as a place to get premium quality content. Although
getting articles past the editor can be an annoyance at times, the editorial process keeps
the quality of the articles high and protects the payment levels.

Another nice thing is that you don’t have to worry about marketing since they do it for
you. However, Constant Content takes 35% of the article’s sale price, which is a good
amount. What some people will do is mark up their article prices so that they still get
the amount that they want to sell the article for.

How it Works

I’ve found that some articles will sell right away and others will take some time, but if
you leave it there long enough and the article is good, then eventually someone will
come along and at least make an offer on it. So if you are not working full time with

clients, you can just keep adding articles to your inventory to make available for people
to buy.

For picking topics, Constant Content shows you recently sold articles and also most
popular topics. You can use these for ideas on what to write about.


For price setting, you can set 3 different price levels:

1. Usage – This is the price for someone who wants to use the article, but is okay with
other people using the article as well. In other words, they are not concerned about
duplicate content issues. If you write a really good article, you can sell it multiple times
for more income.

2. Unique License – The purchaser has exclusive use of your content. In other words, the
article cannot be sold to anyone else. However, they have to use the content as is and
cannot make changes to it.

3. Full Rights – The purchaser has exclusive rights to use your content and can edit it as
well to suit their needs.

Some writers use the same price for all three. Others will make usage price the lowest
price and full rights the highest. In my experience, people will typically either purchase
Usage or Full Rights.

Another thing you can do is allow people to make offers on your content. This feature
allows people to bid lower than what you have the article listed for. I usually check this
feature just to see what offers come in. It can be a good way to get rid of content that
isn’t selling too.

Payment is sent via Paypal.

Other Features

There is an area where purchasers can post topics that they need written. Sometimes,
this can be a good way to get ongoing clients and higher paying jobs, particularly if you
specialize in writing for a specific niche.

Tips and Experiences

If you use Constant Content, then just keep writing and submitting content. However,
submit just a few articles at a time. If you submit too many articles at once and the

editor doesn’t like certain things about your writing, you can actually get booted from
Constant Content. Work with them by writing a few at a time and using their
suggestions on future articles.

Other Writing Sites

There are other sites that you can sell your writing on besides Constant Content.

 Text Broker – Text Broker is a good place for new writers. The pay is low to start
per article, but as your writing improves, your Text Broker rating goes up. When
you get to 4 or 5 stars, the pay can be significant. Be prepared to start for a
lower rate though.

 Hubpages / Associated Content – Content Sharing sites are another place to
consider writing for. They share advertising revenue with their writers. To do
well at this, however, you need to get traffic to your writing and your content
also has to be very good. Connecting with other writers and promoting on other
sites can help.

 Demand Studios – Companies like demand studios that publish content on their
large online content sites are another place to consider looking for writing work.
If you are not super experienced in writing, then having specific knowledge of a
niche can help.

2. Ebay / Amazon

Ebay and Amazon are high traffic websites that a lot of people know about that you can
make money on.


Listing an item on Ebay is pretty easy. Just take a picture of the item, write a description,
and follow all the prompts. Payment is usually made through Paypal for most
merchants, but other payment methods can be arranged.

To make money on a more consistent basis, consider the following approaches:

1) Selling on Price – If you have a way to get access to name brand items and sell
them for less than the competition, then Ebay is a quick and easy way to get your
product out there. There are tons of people looking for low prices on Ebay.

However, don’t just expect to hook up with a dropshipper and resell their stuff
on Ebay. Ebay is really competitive for stuff like this.

Garage sales, local auctions, and closeouts can be a good way to find things that
you can mark up and resell.

2) Collectibles and rare items – Collectibles and rare items are another popular
item to sell on Ebay. People can set email alerts if they are looking for something
in particular and sometimes rare items can get bid up to very high prices. This
niche is good for people who have special knowledge and access to such items.

3) Arts, Crafts, and Baking – Another idea for making money on Ebay is creating
your own products. The good part is that you won’t have to keep inventory or
make the item until someone actually buys it. Also, since it is your own item,
uniqueness can be a selling point because people can’t just get it somewhere

4) Concentrate on the backend – Sometime Ebay is used to generate a low priced
initial sale, but the real profits come from repeat purchases from regular
customers. A long term strategy can be effective if you use Ebay to get the first
sale and in fact, there are plenty of people selling $1 ebooks and other items so
that they can upsell other things later.

The cost to list an item is under a dollar and the item can be listed for up to a week
(longer if you pay more). Ebay also takes a small commission when a sale is made.
You should also look at “Completed Listings” to see if they item you are thinking of
selling has resulted in a lot of sales and the average selling price.


Amazon also allows people to sell items on their site, and not just books. Amazon is a
trusted shopping destination and the site gets a lot of traffic on its own. Look at the
prices other people are listing your item for and price accordingly.

3. Photography Websites

Did you know that you can sell your own photography? A little knowledge of
photography is helpful, but you don’t have to be an expert by any means.

You can also use your own photos and artwork to sell on postcards, T-shirts, and other
personalized items. Here are a few websites that allow you to place your designs on
their items. They vary a little in their payment terms, but they basically split the profit
with you and they do all the work with customer service, product production, and

 IStockPhoto – IstockPhoto.com and other stock photography sites allow people
to sell their photography. What’s cool about this setup is that one photo can sell

hundreds or even thousands of times. So even though the payment per sale is
small, the residual income from this can add up over time.

You don’t have to be a Photoshop expert. In fact, many of the photos that sell
well have minimal processing and are pictures of simple things, like fruits and
cash. If you are into photography, then selling stock photos is definitely
something you should consider doing.

 Zazzle and Cafepress – You can also use your photos and artwork on T-shirts and
sell those through sites like Zazzle and Cafepress. Often, you will get to set the
price and people can search on these sites for your items.

They take a commission from the sale of course, but they also do customer
service, create and ship the product, handle returns, etc. All you have to worry
about is creating the design. To increase the effectiveness of this channel, you
should also promote your Zazzle or Cafepress store offline and online.

4. Etsy

If you have artistic, crafting, or baking talent, then you should definitely check out Etsy.
This is a marketplace for people to sell their own hand-created items. For a small fixed
fee (and a small fee when you sell something), you can list your item on their site for 4
months. This is a great place to showcase your own unique items and make money from

People shop on Etsy for unique handcrafted items. This is a good place to sell unique
items that are not found elsewhere. To improve effectiveness, also promote your Etsy
store to other people through business cards, social media, and other channels.

Etsy Tips

1. Niche – Pick a niche and sell similar items. This makes it easier for people to find
related items that they like and frames you as a specialist.

2. Photos – Get high quality photos taken of your products. A good photo will sell
more product.

3. Pricing – See what others are charging for similar items before picking your price.
If your product has a reason for a higher price, then explain it in the description
when selling your product.

4. Connect with others – You can connect with other sellers on Etsy, Facebook, and
Twitter. Sometimes joint venture and cross promotional opportunities may arise.

5. Items – Keep growing the number of items you have available in your store. The
more items you have, the more likely someone will find something they want to

5. Freelance Websites

Freelance websites like Elance, Guru, and Odesk can be a good place to start if you are
selling services. A lot of people give up on these sites because of competition from low
priced offshore people.

However, a bulk of the business on these networks comes from regular repeat business
from employers paying a decent salary. The hard part is building a reputation to get

Elance is the biggest and most mature of these freelance networks. They start you off
with 15 “connects” per month, which allows you to apply to up to 15 jobs per month.
With paid membership, you can get more “connects”, which most serious Elancers
choose to do.

On Odesk, you can get over 20 job applications for free by completing your profile,
verifying your ID, and taking tests. You can also withdraw your application from jobs and
apply to new jobs. This gives you the opportunity to apply to tons of jobs each month
for free. As a result, Odesk is very popular in offshore countries where people are willing
to work for cheap.

I recommend Elance for getting started for most freelancers. Some key benefits:

1. Payment is usually through Elance’s Escrow system, which protects both buyers
and sellers. Many other networks lack this feature, but on Elance you have the
comfort of knowing that if disputes arise that you might still get paid if you did
everything you agreed on with the purchaser.

2. The Biggest Network – Elance is the most popular freelance site, has the biggest
network, and is growing.

3. Paid Membership – Some people may see paying for membership and bids as a
negative, but this keeps out a lot of lower priced competition. The limited
number of bids also improves the quality of the bids received for the employers.

4. Search Functionality – Although the search functionality can be improved, it is
still better than a lot of other freelance sites. You can filter by job prices and
search for specific niche terms to find jobs that are suited for your skills.


Freelance Site Tips

Here are some tips for getting started on freelance sites:

1. When starting off, consider starting at a lower price than you would normally
charge to build your reputation and feedback. But don’t charge too low. Browse
through the jobs available to get a feel for what people are paying on average.

2. Avoid bidding on low rate hourly jobs. Bidding on hourly jobs can create an
impression on potential employers on what your work is worth. Fixed price jobs
are better.

3. Complete your profile as much as possible. This includes taking a few tests and
listing your resume. Such things are helpful when you are starting out.

4. Keep applying to jobs. Get into the habit of scheduling time to do this. If you lose
out on a contract, then take a look at the person who won. What did they bid?
What does their profile say? These can be clues on how to change your bidding
strategy to get jobs.

5. Start off with small jobs that you can do quickly and that you know you can do
well with.

6. As you build your profile and feedback more and more, higher paying employers
will contact you directly as your profile shows up more in search.

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