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This article will talk about the 5 ways to make legitimate money online. It’s true that you might have tried different ways of making money online which you read or were taught in a seminar or ebook but after giving it a trial, you still can see success in the process. It’s a matter of time. If you are determined and follow the right part, you definitely will also make money online legitimately.


This article will talk about 5 different ways you can legitimately make money online at the comfort of your home just like smart people are doing already. Be informed that all you will need is access to computer and internet connection. Not necessarily your personal computer. When I started some few years ago, I used cyber café for the first few months before I was able to afford my own laptop and internet access.
Below is the list of 5 different legitimate ways you can use to make money online starting from today…

Make money Online Legitimately from FIVERR

Fiverr has been blessing to many people when it comes to making legitimate money online. The first real money I made from the internet was through fiverr. My first car I bought in 2012 (Honda Accord; baby boy) was the proceed from my fiverr business. Yeah, a car that I bought for N1.180million.
Fiverr is a website for rendering services. It’s a freelance website where you can register a free account with and list services you can do starting from $5. Services like Article writing, logo design, graphic designs, virtual assistant, creating video testimonial etc are type of services that can be listed on fiverr. These services sell very well as buyers troop in to buy services from services providers like myself and you on fiverr.
If you need to learn about fiverr and how to make good income from it, you may check here to order for a course that teaches about how to make money online from FIVERR.

Mini-Importation Business

Many smart Nigerians are making good money online in Nigeria through mini-importation business. Mini-importation business has to do with importing high in demand products from China to Nigeria and reselling such product for 200% – 1000% profit margin. That’s not an exaggeration. There is a product I presently buy for $1.3. It cost me less than N500 to bring it down to Nigeria and I sell this product for N6,000. That’s N5,500 profit on the product and the profit margin is like 1200%.

Importing from China is so simple when you learn about importation business from those who truly are into the business. All you need is your ATM card to use in making payment on aliexpress and also a good courier company that will help bring in your goods to Nigeria from China. Imagine spending less than 10minutes to search for products to buy and making payment from the products in China without you leaving your room. Wait for like 3days and your goods get delivered to you right here in Nigeria.
Sell off the goods and make good profit. I personally generate over N500,000 profit monthly from importation business right here in Nigeria.
If you will like to learn how to start a profitable importation business and make money online in Nigeria with mini-importation business, click here to learn more.

Sports betting

The entering of the NAIRABET into the Nigerian webspace around 2007 and the spring up of several dozens of other football betting companies in Nigeria have created the opportunity for Nigerians to make money from football betting.
Football betting is a very risky one for you to venture into to make money online in Nigeria if you are not properly groomed in exploiting the loopholes in the football betting industry. If you are also greedy and do not have a betting system in place, you are most likely to lose your money to sport betting.
But on the contrary, if you are smart, you can turn the sport betting industry to your maga that will keep paying you each day. If you want to start football betting, it’s important you learn from people who are successful in it before diving in
You may click here if you wish to learn from someone who earn good money from football betting in Nigeria.


Information Marketing

Information marketing is one of the guaranty ways to make money online in Nigeria legitimately. Information marketing has to with creating ebooks on any niche, subject or topic you are familiar with and selling it to people who are interested in such subject.
Take for example, you know all the in and out of poultry farming or you know all about bakery business. You create a well detailed ebook for the sake of anyone who is interested in going into any of these businesses and you make it available for sale. There are many people out there that will be ready to buy this from you because they need expert information on.
Oh! You know about how to make money online in Nigeria and you have been doing such for some time now and generating cool kesh. You can document the process and make it available for sale to people who have interest. This is what we call information marketing.
In 2012, I was making an average of $1200 per month from fiverr. I decided to create a report on how Nigerians can also replicate my success. I priced the report for N5000. I advertised it to reach interested individuals. I was making at least 30 sales of the report per month. That’s extra N150,000 per month.
If you will like to start an Information Marketing Business to start making money legitimately online in Nigeria, I will advise you check here for detailed guide on it.


Another smart way to make money online is to set up a blog, which is a simple, easy-to-update type of website designed for frequent updating. Usually, a blog focuses on one or few topics. As the blog is promoted and updated frequently with new posts, it will attract more visitors and build a loyal audience over time. After achieving that, a blog can be monetized through selling advert slots to interested advertisers or through other methods.
Major source of income to bloggers is via google adsense and selling of adspace on their websites.
You can read more about blogging on this blog. I have published an article here that talked about blogging in details.

Dear reader, as you can see, I have listed 5 quality ways you can make money online in Nigeria legitimately. There are several other ways but the ones i have personally practiced and making good income from were the ones I listed out. Never be scared or think online money making in Nigeria have got to do with scams. You can actually make good money online in Nigeria just like I do and many other smart Nigerians do. I‘ll love to hear want you think and will appreciate comments below.

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