13 Businesses That Can Make You A Billionaire

13 Businesses That Can Make You A Billionaire

13 Businesses That Can Make You A Billionaire


It is a known fact that entrepreneurs can be made.

However, some would-be entrepreneurs lack the best business ideas to implement despite the fact that they have the money. 

In this article, we list 13 lucrative business ideas that you can embark on so as to become a future billionaire.

The list, brief details and examples of the 13 businesses is as follow:

(1) Discount and/or Specialty Store:

I was astounded to see that this type of business produced the highest number of billionaires world over.

They never manufacture any product but acts as middlemen between manufacturers and the retailers and/or consumers.

All they do is to have retail stores, online stores and direct sales force around the world.

Example of such companies are : Wal-Mart, Target, Shoprite, Aeon etc


Most of us believe that starting a Bank business on your own is impossible, but I want to tell you that few people with that belief actually took a step further and today they are self made billionaires.

Banks deals with the provision of personal, corporate, Commercial, electronic banking services to the populace by investing money deposited by customers.

Examples are : Standard Chartered bank, Wells Fargo and co, JP Morgan Chase & co, Zenith etc


(3) Oil and Gas Industry / Oil services and equipments :

I decided to join these two businesses because they are dependent on each other.

Any one of them you venture into can make you a billionaire.

While Oil & Gas deals with the exploration, development and production of crude and natural gas, the other deals with manufaturing of equipments used in drilling and production of crude oil.

Some deals in retails of refined oil and trading of petroleum and natural gas.

Examples of such companies are: Phillips66, BG group, Chevron, Shell, Oneck etc


(4) Telecommunication services / Communication equipments/softwares:

This making the list is no surprise to many.

You can either provide the services by investing in those equipments or you manufacture the needed equipments.

This are providers of communication information and entertainment products and services to the consumers, Mobile and fixed infrastructure, Network software solutions etc

Examples of such companies are:
Verison, MTN, GLO, Cisco, Axiata, Corning etc


(5) Insurance companies:

There are different types of insurance company one can venture into but the fact is that anyone you pick can get you to the top.

You can start a diversified insurance company which encompasses Life insurance, property insurance, investment insurance etc

or you choose others like Life and Health insurance, Property and casualty insurance, Pension solutions etc.

Examples of such companies are:
Scor, Ace, Aegon, Intact Financials,AIICO etc


(6) Household and Personal Care:

I doubt there exist a home where something in this category are not used diurnally.

These are businesses that ventures into cosmetics, body shop and dermatology, Paints coating, paper and solid wood products, packaging solutions etc.

Also part of this category are home improvements, lawn and garden products and services.

Example of such companies are:
Tesco,Unilever,Sca,The Home depot, Lowe’s cos etc

(7) Phamaceuticals:

If you want to know how great this kind of business venture is, visit the nearest hospital to you.

Starting a company that creates phamaceutical products, phamaceutical services and benefits, Animal health and Health care benefit company can get you there.

Example of such:
Glaxosmith, Wellpoint, Merck & co, Pfizer, Aetna etc



(8) Computer Services:

In recent years, computer hardware and software producing companies have produced more billionaires in a short time than any other businesses.

For ease of clarity, I have divided this into 6 distinct groups with each profitable enough to get you there.

The computer services are those providing IT services, business solutions and outsourcing.

Others are providers of internet, mobile, online advertising services and telecommunication value added services etc

Example of such companies are:
Infosys, Amason, Accenture, Wipro, Tencent etc



(9) Semi Conductors:

In the present world, we all use phones, TVs, cameras, computers etc and see needs to save and move our datas around with ease.

You can start a company that develops and manufacture memory conductors (Flash memory) and non-memory semi-conductor (CMOS image sensors) today and see your life transform with alacrity.

Examples of such companies are:
Broadcom, Qualcomm, Intel, ASML, Texas instruments

(10) Software and Programming:
The importance of computer softwares cannot be overemphasized.

Starting a company that provides virtualisation based cloud infrastructures solutions and security, storage and systems management solutions can be get you there faster than you imagine.

Examples of such are:
SAP, Oracle, VMare, CA, Symantec etc



(11) Food Processing:

One of the basic things in life is food and this simply means that if you venture into this kind of business, the sky shall be the starting point.

Businesses like processing of palm oil, oil seeds and grains, Rice, Flour, Animal feeds, Sugarcane Milling, Gums and mint, diary products are all good businesses.

Engaging in animal slaughtering, meat-by-products and canned foods are also a sure bet.

Examples of such companies are:
Dangote Foods, Wilmar, Ajinomoto, Uni-President, Chobani etc.



(12) Consumer Financial Services:

These are payment technology company using fast and reliable means of transferring lucre.

They produces charge and credit card products.

Example of these companies are:
American express, VISA, Discover, Orix, China trust

(13) Auto and Truck Manufacture

The world has tranform over the years, a journey of 1 day now take less than few second.

All thanks to automobiles.

An auto manufacturer is sure of becoming a billionare in a short time.

Sales of automobiles, spare parts etc can also move take you there.

Examples are:

Honda, Toyota, Tata, Bridgestone, Nissan etc.

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